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Pressed hard against the midnight sky A crescent moon, a pleasant face A mountain of blue feelings A grey apple, bitten and luscious Long mascara eyelashes, a fringed frame The whisper of wind and the solitude of a happy hello Hazy … Continue reading

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I know it’s a popular idiom these days. Become a bit of a cliché – ‘I’m a glass half empty sort of person’ and all that psycobabble but setting all that claptrap aside. I seem to have been dogged by … Continue reading

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Generous discounts flourish The economy may boom Extremists always prophesy doom Depressives, cynics, skeptics see only gloom Our safe-house is threatened Our well-heeled, well-oiled world is leaking We cry out for the vision ‘future-prophets’ have seen Long before a popular … Continue reading

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