ALL ABOUT … edenbray!

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I’ve always enjoyed writing and thats all I want to do…

I’m not sure why I ever stopped writing ~ was it 9/11?

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… is born ugly, wet and covered in blood, mucous and bodily functions. The effluence of my short life – I am a Writer, Artist and Blogger ~ poems, essays, articles, reviews, opinion + comment. 

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I feel my most alive when I am writing.

When I was a child I took part in a game of ‘Indians’.

We were cubs on a weekend retreat in the country, somewhere near Guildford in Surrey. We were staying in a wood cabin. Two players were selected from the group as ‘cowboys’ to round up the remaining ‘Indians’. The game was a ‘tag’ game and two cowboys had to ‘tag’ the indians and make them cowboys. We wore handkerchiefs tied round our heads to assume our ‘indian’ role. We were given so many minutes to disappear into the vast area of bracken, scrubland and a wood of birch and oak. I buried myself in an area of dense bracken with nettles, some of which stung my bare knees and I listened carefully as the boys ran around tagging each other, shouting, squealing with laughter and enjoying the game and that thrill of being caught, as boys tended to do when I was one.  

My heart was pounding as I lay in the bracken and the day traveled on and the burning sun eventually dipped which made it cool and damp. I changed my position several times, running to the woods, hiding in bushes and returning to the bracken as I heard the hunters; the cowboys, getting closer and closer and then their noise gradually drifted away as more and more ‘indians’ were caught and then began ‘hunting’ also. The game had turned into hours as the area was very large and the boys searched thoroughly. I continually tightened the bandana round my head as it absorbed the sweat from my brow and it drifted down my head.

I began to feel very wild and alone as the day progressed, antisocial, almost like a character from William Golding’s dystopian novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ or a true wolf cub as our society club imagined we all were. I ran … and hid … and crept … and felt the sweat … and the muck clinging to me … from the bracken … and the bushes … and the dust … and the trees.

Eventually Mr. Street our pack leader and our ‘Akala’ blew his whistle to end the game.  I was still hidden in the bracken, I felt remote, strange, wild, untamed, an outcast – ‘indian’. That particular day I wanted the game to continue forever. Eventually, I emerged from the long grasses like an astronaut returning from space, plucked from the ocean and reunited with his comrades. There were cheers and back-slapping. It had been a dramatic game and I and a couple of others were never caught! 

It is like this when I write. It is as though I have been hiding in bracken and woodland but when I write I step out from the undergrowth into pure sunlight. I can hear voices and applause, feel back slapping. I have found myself and my place in the world.

… please join my shebang by reading and following my work and please if you do, leave me a marker just to say you dropped by. Leave some comment also, for my ego and my interest.

thanks for reading ~ edenbray

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edenbray ~ writer & artist …

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edenbray was born and raised in Cheam in Surrey during the 50’s and 60’s and after leaving school in 1966 at 15 years old, worked as a draughtsman, artists agent, furniture warehouseman and removals technician, hospital porter and freelance graphic artist before owning 3 art materials and craft supplies, picture framers and gift shops – 1 in London and 2 in Lincolnshire. The 1st in Boston. Lincolnshire was closed due to arson and the subsequent 2nd also held an Artists Gallery and provided art classes for all age groups. Edenbray has been working as a sales advisor for a department store since 2005.

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… edenbray loves Art, Literature & Sport (especially both English and American Football). He began following Chelsea FC after seeing them play with the young Jimmy Greaves in 1958 and began following the San Francisco 49ers around 1985.

…  edenbray has a rare affinity, appreciation and love of women due in part to being raised solely by his mother Roma Joan, from the age of 11. He has been happily married since 1976 and together they have 4 children – 2 girls and later 2 boys. 3 of his children are married. He has 4 grandchildren three of which are boys.

… edenbray has enjoyed professional creative writing since 1966 when he left school … He has had 2 successful solo Art Exhibitions of his paintings and sold many of his works in various mediums. He has also had several poems printed in anthologies. 

… edenbray has been posting his written poems, essays, short stories and a novel on this blog over the past few years … edenbray welcomes both comment and criticism of his work.

… edenbray runs several other blogs you might like to visit. You can click on the links below to visit any of these sites  :~

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You can also FOLLOW edenbray on TWITTER >  @edenbray8



edenbray connects with his irish/scottish roots


this sure makes you think how important WE ARE to someone!



10 Responses to ALL ABOUT … edenbray!

  1. jessicaphiri says:

    Mr. Bray,

    You made a comment on my blog that I didn’t totally comprehend and I don’t care. I am glad I found your blog and your poetry. It is quite literally food for my soul.

    Thank you,

    Jessica Phiri

  2. jessicaphiri says:

    have a poem for you to read…………. but it’s not one I can put on my blog.

    • edenbray says:

      Hi Jessica been away for a few days how can I read your poem maybe send it to :
      Have posted new piece. Be grateful for your thoughts – thank u x

    • edenbray says:

      My dear Jessica Phiri
      Can’t tell you why but am really excited by your note and am really looking forward to reading your poem when you can get it to me.
      Also I have decided I am going to trust you to be honest with me as you always are and put another chapter of my book on the blog for you to read. I’ll let you know when.
      Bye for now – have you sent me the poem yet?
      edenbray x

    • edenbray says:

      Yet another note on my book Jessica. I really would like you to read more but I am aware some of it is a lttle bit ‘adult’ shall we say and I really would not want to upset you or spoil our friendship.
      Don’t get me wrong its not porn or anything but quite ‘honest’ shall we say and i respect you are a Christian lady. he content I believe is necessary otherwise would not have included. Anyway, what do you think? You are always honest, straightforward and helpful. Yours edenbray

    • edenbray says:

      hello jessica soz slow responding to your text – speaks buddy speaks!!

    • edenbray says:

      ok ive sent you a draft of chapter one whether i publish on edenbray blog is down to you jessica, be gentle with me …

    • edenbray says:

      Are you gonna let me read this poem buddy?

  3. jessicaphiri says:

    just found these. hooooooooooooooowwwww far away are you? I’m not getting your inboxes!!!!

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