AT THE EDGE (close to the edge)

At the Edge (close to the edge)

⚚  ⚚  ⚚  ⚚  ⚚  ⚚  ⚚

In failing light we left the buzzing arena

stole away, drawn by pale curiosity

the warm fires lit the evening skies

we so  certain of our safe return

The music still danced in our children’s eyes

fond feelings for well known familiar ways

which forms would greet our stare

as we took heart in mouth to venture so

At the edge, the sudden edge

we followed our feelings

the impulse of passion;  we saw views,

we took pictures, we explored

In the morning a chill wind blew

we turned up the collar on our coat

we lit a fire, having not forgotten how

we sat and drank hot tea

The colours real and muted, dawned

the red sun, a welcome sight

I held you close then and cried

cried like a baby born from the still night

We spoke quietly of plans and dreams

though somehow, we heard still the jolly camp fire chorus

the rustle of tambourine, the clapping of hands

the strident call to arms and in the distance, heavy artillery fire

We supposed the day would call us

when to the fight we must go

not bludgeoned by the weary conscience

nor heavy from our tour of duty

We then, would happy, remember these moments

would say it was a fond farewell

not a morbid blackened coffin

not a tale so sad to tell

edenbray completed 25.11.92

3 Responses to AT THE EDGE (close to the edge)

  1. edenbray says:

    This is what i’ve always wanted to do – write.
    I love writing! not sure it make good reading but i enjoy the writing….

  2. edenbray says:

    Yer, just getting warmed up, cos think I’ve got writers block.
    That’s like constipation I reckon.
    So my cure for that – is a good Meat Madras and the trimmings.
    Perhaps then if I need a purge to get things going.
    I need a trip to India to get my creative juices running.
    O sorry no I don’t need to or mean to go ‘that far’.
    In either direction either walking or certainly not ‘running’ cos thats what people say about curry is’nt it?
    I mean were talking writers block here remember but seriously have you noticed how things these days come round to that subject?
    Everyone likes to talk s***.
    Can I say that on here? laugh haha.
    Always gets a laugh does’nt it? Old ones are the best.
    O crap, are we back to constipation again. Sorry laugh! haha.
    Yer I suppose if you haven’t got anything interesting to say thats what you’re going to end up talking. crap. laugh haha.
    No reckon I havent got anything interesting to say.
    Got writers block you see!
    Need a bit of Indian mystisism or yoga or maybe yoghurt or maybe the Maharishi Yogi?
    O s*** he’s dead now, died a couple of years ago!
    I wonder if Paul knows? O course he does…
    O, I dunno, I’m trying to make a serious point here…
    and your point is?….
    Have you noticed how lots of people talk a load of crap….!

  3. edenbray says:

    Okay, right now I’ve talked **** should be able to get on with some serious stuff..
    Right, okay … mmmm?

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