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Innocence They laughed at one I loved – The triangular hill that hung Under the Big Forth. They said That I was bounded by the whitethorn hedges Of the little farm and did not know the world. But I knew … Continue reading

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One of Dad’s cars – An old gold Hillman Hunter Estate My Father My father seemed a grey, austere and complex man, though he was not humourless. He certainly could laugh and had what one might only describe as a … Continue reading

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  WAVES Countless, phosphorous, rushing and over the smooth stones, they fall Overlapping earth boundaries wearing at the harsh edge of form Gathering, shaping, smoothing destinies, times mementos Here they lift, there they fail each one a measured throw a … Continue reading

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CHRYSALID … The open wound healed and the taut, pale skin grew faintly over Foreign fingers still felt for that awkward pain like a summer lover Quiet amateurs, just sad explorers who never quite reach above Likened to madmen who … Continue reading

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   My Four Children … .. .. I wrote a play once for my 4 children I gave them special names to match their characters Sarallius, Debradella, Warrickolius, and Michelangelo They were to be as Norsk Gods but more than … Continue reading

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The Andy Capp Beatitudes … …. Blessed are those born north of Watford, for theirs is the kingdom of ‘the north’. Blessed are those with a relevant, regional accent for they shall get jobs in the media. Blessed are those whose … Continue reading

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Chapter 12 Everybody chokes When they see someone cut down in their prime It may not show when you look at me But I know I’m in mine I’m potent, baby, I’m potent Dangerous to the naked eye Rest your … Continue reading

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PERFECY . There is no word such as perfecy No highlight so strange as leniency Nothing as excellent to the core as profundity There are only fleeting glances Only minimalist extreme chances And a pile of August petals by the … Continue reading

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If Truth Were Told … If truth were told      Humankind would stand free      Armies would surrender arms           People freed would be      Light released could filter      Society’s ills … Continue reading

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Introduction: I wrote this piece in 1990 to describe the feeling that everything is moving away from us, everything is in retreat. The ‘Expanding Universe’ or at least the theory of  ‘Blue Shift’ indicates that at least by stealth everything is in retreat. … Continue reading

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