… it’s hard to say …


trouble is – its difficult to comment on things at the moment

there’s a subtle, subliminal deregulation occurring before our very eyes

its insidious, conspirational, underhand and subversive

we have been sanitized, de-humanised, categorised,

humanely exorcised of our personal demons and inclination.

it’s a collusion, a scam, a frame up and the perpetrator we cannot see

it’s happening though and were not clear whose hand is on the tiller

who schemes with our dreams or plots our fallow future

we’d like to know our foe and put a name to their shadowy face

not more to say but wait for the day when the stone it is turned

and the future is as bright as we had dreamed when the moon

glowed golden and the stars were not afraid to shine



  1. It is actually truly difficult to discover a weblog that can capture me for a minute but your weblog is different. Superior!

  2. jessicaphiri says:

    and we’re not clear whose hand is on the tiller…….it’s only 10:35pm here 🙂

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