The Mister Podorsky


I wrote a trace around her face

her beautiful face

I keep the memory wherever swifts play

as clouds travel through my battered mind

Sometimes, I wished I’d never saw her

or that I were blind, God help me

then words and thoughts would only taunt me

but make me love her more

her hair, her smile, her eyes so bright

I’d taken to drinking, that sort of thinking 

those thoughts real men do hate

as though God would forgive what we would not do 

or allow us a chance to reinvent our own view

and still she walks so funny, her pigeons feet

her lovely way, so indiscreet

and I, sat with the dragon monster so green n’lonely

as old as Methuselah, as young as the very blue night

written byedenbray 13.03.2013


About edenbray

I've always enjoyed writing and thats all I want to do... .. . I’m not sure why I stopped writing, was it 9/11? .. . Eden Bray is born ugly, wet and covered in blood, mucous and bodily functions. The effluence of my short life .. . I'm a Writer and Artist - since 1966, now a Blogger ~ I write lots of poems, written essays, articles, reviews, opinion + comment .. . please join the shebang but more importantly please leave me a marker with a comment for my ego and my encouragement :- thanks, edenbray
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