.  .  .

Who was the guy who sat in front of

his canvas for three days and on

the third day, took a knife and

ripped the canvas saying

‘I cannot paint…’?         

Of course today we’re taught to

understand the other guy’s point of

view. It’s not cool to be reactionary.

But did he not miss the point as he

sat waiting for inspiration with

his brush-in-hand? Was not

the point that for three days

the effort, the wait, was worthwhile

so why, on the third day did he take

the knife, why not the fourth or fifth

or 75th ~ he was not a professional.

A professional never gives in ~

and they hung his poor torn canvas

as an exhibit, a work of art ~ this

was not art it was destruction ~

this said life is meaningless, there

is no point ~ nihilism. God is dead!

If he had waited beyond the third day

God would have come. If he was

earnest, a professional! ~ Maybe he

considered it took Jesus 3 days to get to

Lazarus ~ 3 days for the Son of God

to resurrect ~ he didn’t wait!

.  .  .

written byedenbray 03.03.99

.  .  .

Spatial Concept ~ 'Waiting' ~ 1960

By slashing the center of his canvases, Fontana allowed three–dimensional space to intrude into an otherwise two–dimensional surface. Fontana first introduced perforations within his works in 1949 and referred to these as “spatial concepts.” He then began slashing his canvases in the early 1950s and added the term “Expectations” to the title. While these works immediately conjure acts of violence and iconoclasm, Fontana claimed “I have constructed, not destroyed.”


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